Introducing Talk Boost to your school

Talk Boost KS1 Training

  • 1 day training developed by ICAN and The Communication Trust
  • A targeted and evidence based 10-week intervention
  • Breaks language and Communication down into 5 component parts: Attention and listening, vocabulary, building sentences, Telling stories, Conversation
  • Narrows the gap between  4-7 year old children with language delay and their peers
  • Supports Foundation Language skills that lead to phonics
  • Increases classroom participation  and improves behaviour
  • Builds quality of teaching
  • Helps leadership and management of children with SLCN
  • Provides guidance for successful engagement with parents
  • Also benefits EAL children
  • Intervention is delivered in primary schools by reception, year 1 and year 2
  • proven to boost children’s  language and communication by an average of 9 – 18 months after a ten week intervention.
  • Participants are trained to be able to deliver the Talk Boost KS1 programme in their school
  • Talk Boost

Talk Boost KS1 Training is delivered in a format that suits your setting in 1 day, or 2 mornings, on site at your school or via Zoom. Fees for training are £550. The materials to deliver the intervention are bought direct from the ICAN website .