Services to Schools

I provide the following services for Schools

Communication Booster Groups

The following small group interventions  provide opportunities for children to practice and enhance their communication skills through fun,  interactive, tasks. 

Option 1:
Language Booster

(for nursery and reception)

Language loaded interactive games and stories provide  opportunities for children  to follow simple verbal instructions, improve categorisation and vocabulary skills, and use age appropriate grammar and sentence structures.

Option 2:
Lego ® Booster

(for reception to year 6)

The practical focus of a weekly building project, motivates children to use their finest listening, language, social interaction and teamworking skills.  Groups combine  Lego ® therapy with  language stimulation and expansion activities.

Introducing Talk Boost to your School

I deliver Talk Boost in a format that suits your setting in 1 day, or 2 mornings. The training takes place on site at your school or via Zoom

  • Talk Boost KS1 a programme for 4-7 year old children with language that is delayed. 
  • The intervention is delivered in primary schools by reception, year 1 and year 2 classroom teachers and teaching assistants and is proven to boost children’s  language and communication by an average of 9 – 18 months after a ten week intervention.
  • Participants will attend the training to develop the skills  to deliver the Talk Boost KS1 programme in their school
  • Fees for the day’s training are £550