Speech and Language Therapy Services

Welcome to Speech Therapy Sessions

I’m Gaby Harrisa speech and language therapist based in North London.  I specialise in working with children with communication difficulties such as pronunciation of speech sounds, language development, stammering and voice problems. I provide assessment and therapy services in your child’s home, school, or via Zoom and provide services to schools including Talk Boost KS1 Training, and Lego ® based therapy.  

I provide assessment and therapy for children in the following areas of communication


Does your child have a limited range of speech sounds, unclear speech, or difficulties pronouncing specific sounds or words?


Is your child delayed in starting to talk? Does he have difficulties following instructions, understanding others, remembering new words, or formulating sentences?


Does your child repeat, prolong, or get stuck on sounds or words? Does your child avoid certain situations or lack confidence?


Does your child have a persistent hoarse voice, too high or low voice, unusual intonation or a diagnosis of  vocal fold nodules?

One step at a time...

1: Initial Assessment

The aim of my first session is to assess your child’s communication skills and decide whether they will benefit from further support. This is administered  through formal standardised assessments, as well as carrying out observations collating information  to build up a full picture of your child’s strengths and needs within their everyday routine. Results will be summarised in a written report, which will include areas to work on, practical tips, and recommended therapy approaches. 

2: Therapy Sessions

My goal is to create a trusting, supportive environment,  where children  can have a go at trying new skills, experience success, and not mind if they fail, which is a vital part of the learning process.  Through fun, motivating, achievable challenges, there will be multiple opportunities  for children to practice new techniques, and receive the feedback needed to make changes. The number of sessions needed will depend on the type and severity of the individual child’s difficulty.

3: Home Practice

As parents, you are the  true expert when it comes to your child, which is why you are fully involved throughout the process. To make the most of the  therapy sessions, parents  need to observe and at times participate in sessions, to  help your child  practise and consolidate new strategies and skills from one session to the next. To maximise progress, it is necessary to set aside around 15 minutes practice, 4-5 times a week.

Services to Schools

Are you  Head teacher or Special Educational Needs Coordinator looking for support for your children who have speech, language or communication needs? I am passionate about the following approaches which I would love to share with you….


Gaby is a committed, diligent and accomplished practitioner and I would definitely recommend her services. She works well both as part of the wider team supporting our girls, displaying good judgement as to the right balance of communication and independence. She is a pleasure to work with.
Mark Webster, Head of St Margaret's School, Hampstead
Gaby’s initial assessment was a very positive experience, and she put both us and my son at ease. My son received a number of follow up sessions from Gaby and the positive changes were quite astonishing. The sessions were interactive and fun, and as a result Gaby was able to help speech sounds, confidence and social skills develop.
mother of 4 year old boy
I've noticed that Olivia's pronunciation of "s" sounds is much clearer, and she is so much more confident at expressing herself and saying what she wants. She also used to stammer a bit but that's not an issue any more. The structured games and repetitive activities were really helpful.
Mother of 5 year old girl
Gaby Harris has become a valuable and trusted member of our staff. Gaby is an organised and approachable professional who works with children from Nursery age through to Year 2. In one-to-one sessions and small groups, she works with children who have specific speech and language difficulties, but also children who find social interaction difficult. Through her lively and engaging sessions, she gains the children’s trust, and brings out the very best in each child. Whether working on developing creative writing skills, or attending one of Gaby’s popular Lego Therapy sessions, the children love to work with her and it is wonderful to see their speech, confidence and social skills develop. I would highly recommend Gaby to you she would be a real asset to any setting.
Sarah Tapp, Head of Avenue Pre-Preparatory School and Nursery, Highgate
Gaby has worked with our Daughter now for several years. We are impressed with the progress she is making. She has transitioned her lesson delivery online very successfully during the COVID 19 crisis lockdown. Our daughter looks forward to the weekly sessions. Thank you so much.
Father of 10 year old girl
Gaby was recommended to us by the SENCO of our son's Primary School after it was confirmed that he needed help on the formation of various sounds. Her sessions have been well organized with lots of different games and activities that engaged our 6 year old in repeating the sounds correctly over and over in a fun way. Gaby was gentle, patient and flexible to adapt to our boy's needs but also firm when necessary. With her help, he finally learned how to pronounce many sounds clearly. It was amazing to see him so happy and proud of talking and reading!
Mother of 6 year old boy


If you are concerned about your child’s speech and language skills, please get in touch using the contact form below